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    Todas las canciones son composiciones suyas que nacieron de situaciones reales, de amores, dolores, viajes y vivencias.

Katie James presents her latest album Respirar.

This album of 12 songs (6 in Spanish and 6 in English) is, according to Katie the one which most represents her. 

This time she decided to take on the musical production and arrangements making sure that her essence and her way of feeling would be captured in the music. 

In Respirar you will hear Latin American instruments like tiple, charango, bandola and cuatro llanero, also a string quartet, a brass quartet, guitars, electric bass, double bass, a drum set and other percussion instruments. 

All of these songs were composed by Katie and were born from real situations of love, heartbreaks, journeys and experiences. 

We invite you to listen! 

You can listen to my music, order CDs or download it from iTunes here: